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About Us

Board of Trustees and Leadership

Executive Director

Leanna Jahnke


What does the Board of Trustees do?

Princeton Nursery School’s Board of Trustees is a group of committed individuals who manage and govern the assets and protect the best interests of the Princeton Nursery School.


Board of Trustees

Executive Committee:

Danielle Bentsen Sieler, MD, President                  

Bill Staikos, Vice-President              

Tim Gardner, Treasurer and Finance Chair  

Dominique Kucharczuk, Secretary

Kristin Gray, Development Chair               


 Alfred (Rik) Dugan III                         Lisa Scalice (Facilities Chair)

Dixon Hayes                                       Veneeta Singal (Governance Chair)

Jud Henderson                                   Janine Soroken

Angela Maxam                                   Elizabeth Wagner


Advisory Committee

Wendy Benchley                    Gabriel Lependorf

Maureen Ehret                       Joann Mitchell 

Martha Hartmann                   Jean D. Riley